Weed People Corp. IS rIGHT iN fRoNt OF yoU NOww. @!!!!

We all have our weaknesses...
And for some people, these weaknesses are ordinary meatal eating utensils. SO SO SAD!


Forknobia. You don't want to have it. It means you have a fear of forks. Then you would never be able to eat with a fork ever again. Imagine eating chicken with a spoon. Yea, i thought so. But,  there is a cure. Remove your nose, pickle it in the same jar as a rotten strawberry. Put your nose back on, and walla! WARNING: this cure may require plastic surgery. WARNING: side effects may include bloating, constipation, loss of sense of smell, and extreme reddening of the skin. do not attempt this cure if you are under the age of 18, or if you are pregnant or might become pregnant.  We are not responsible for any future medical problems you experience from this cure. Try the cure at your own risk.


The knife is amazing. It is what shapes our fragile lives. We all need to take some time out of our days to realize how incredibly epic the thing we take for granted, the knife. We may have tons of them, they may have tons of us, but they are just as important as we are. Without knives, we wouldn't be able to fly. Not that we can fly anyway, but we still wouldn't be able to. Actually, knives can also carry raibes. Dont get cut by the wrong one or it will destroy youir life forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Spoons! Spoons! Spoons? Spoons! Spoons! Spoons! Spoons! Spoons! Spoons ! Spoons! Spoons! Why am i still talking about spoons? Spoons! Spoons! Spoons! Spoons! Spoons ! Spoons! Spoons! I always want to have a spoon by my side incase i need to go to pizza hut. I wish i lived in a hut, then I would hang spoons from the ceiling so that I can always be with my spoons!!!!!!!!! Do you eat pizza with a spoon? I do, and its so fun. AAAAAAAHHHHHH! i know how to type yelling, but how do i type screaming ? AAAHHH!! eeeaaahhheeeyyy!!!