Weed People Corp. IS rIGHT iN fRoNt OF yoU NOww. @!!!!

 Important Stuffs

I'm making summ morez sites so to see when they come out go to www.hypnoticproductions.weebly.com and go to the HP Sites section

What are we here for? Ok, I'll tell you........

The fate of the world is in your feet-like organs. Recent scientific discoveries have led scientists to belive that the world may be ending soon! Unless of course you decide to do something about it, then you can be happy to know that you have been of absolutely no help to the world at all!
HAHA so i'm jon and i started making this site longer ago than when yo mama started drinking mayonase ? whatever, but i just put  funny stuffs on here, but these site can only fit so much so i kept making more of them so 2 c them allz go to the "My other sites" part up above. :) but on a slightly but not much more serious note, i write stuff(mostly during class haha jk but seriously) and type them on here, hoping they r funny, but if they're not plz don't tell me it will hurt my feelings, ok just kidding it wont but if i put something stupid, it was probably on purpose.