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Overcooked chicken...

A matter handled by no-one

Seriosly, do you really expect me to type out a whole paragraph or two about overcooked chicken. Well, i guess i have to, so, here it is, I think.  Overcooked chicken tastes like barf, and for you Germans reading this that don't eat overcooked chicken like us Americans do, it tastes like toilet water..... Why am i even doing this???  AH! who am i?!?!?!? What am i doing here!?!?!?!?!?!? IDK!!!! Maybe I should go take an Advil or something! I mean, I am losing my mind here! So you might be wondering why i wrote this, well. I lost a bet. With an orange. From Oregon. He drove to my house here in m3x1c0 and he was all like " dude like you are like so like stupid and like i like want to like make a like like a a bet with like you!" and i'm all like " dude, like waht is like your problem?.....            ..... OK so like what do you like want to bet for?" and the .rnge was all like "what color i am." ok so well if i guessed what color he was, he would have to let me eat him, but i lost. AAAHHH! i couldn't figure out what color that orange was! so here i am writing this... Hmmm.