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Tooting cows. A true catastrophe.

As proven by science, the toxic gas let out of cows is the main cause for global warming, along with me, of course. Though no-one knows for sure why they do it, it causes the deaths of over 267 1/2 people per year. Don't even ask how you can kill half a person, you don't want to know. There are many extremely expensive items that you can live in to prevent exposure to this deadly form of methane gas. Here are some good places to live if you want to avoid deadly exposure: a refrigerator,  a picture frame, your mother in-laws house (please use your own judgement on wether your mother in-law's house is a safe place for you to be anywhere near) or You could just lick a noodle!!!!!!! ha ha laugh laugh chuckle chuckle grin grin smirk smirk ha ha ha ha ha ya ! did you know that chuck norris' tears can cure cancer. haha i made lame joke. :(