Weed People Corp. IS rIGHT iN fRoNt OF yoU NOww. @!!!!

Weed people in history

Weed people appear in our world's history many times. The weed people were the ones who conquered the Roman empire in ancient times. Weed people first appear in written records in about 1898 B.C.  The Egyptians wrote of "immortal beings in the form of weeds from the earth" coming and pickling their crops, stealing their food, damming up the nile, and persuading the gods to stop the rain. The weed people appear throughout the Egyptian and Greeko- Roman eras in history.Oh, and BTW, I LOVVVEEE PPPIIIEEE Scientists are led to believe that the weed people may be back, and may lead to the destruction of the earth. They could use moder technology and weaponry to destroy modern civilazation, along with the help of the aliens. Yes, i just said it. ALIENS. A-I-L-E-N-S. What you gunna do about it huh? They have fling saucers and lazer guns. BEWARE! Pickling your weeds in the same jar as pre-cooked chicken casserole and kfc fries WILL, i repeat, WILL!!!! result in the weed peoples return

Weed people: Medieval Times

As i said before, weed people appear randomly throughout history. The weed people had a major influence on medieval society. They molded the culture that later became nights, nobles, and damsels in distress. Clearly, without our knowing, the weed people have had a major influence on our everyday life. The weed people came from their homes in the ground when ancient peeps of nature pickled the weeds, bringing about major changes in society. The weed people made slaves of the Medieval-Times era men and forced them to bluild the great castles and cathedrals that we so greatly admire today. This cruelty had a very importand influence on the Medieval-Times. LOng after the weed people were too fed up with the peeps of the Medieval-Times, the peeps were still building castles and cathedrals. Im a mystery person, and i am here to say, that without the weed people, life wouldn't be the same.

Weed People:  1492

In the year of 1492, which we all know as the time when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, was a historical time for the weed people. This was the year when they smuggled weed killer out of the country of Scotland. You probably just said, "Wow, this is stupid", but this is actually true. They were being  wiped out by the thousands before even leaving their roots and going on to find a better life. The early forms of weed poison were bulky, expensive, and extremely obviously shaped, making them impossible to smuggle past border patrol, which in those times, was some fat guy in tights, but he had a MEAN temper. If he caught ANYONE trying to smuggle ANYTHING, he would have their heads chopped of ON THE SPOT. The leader of the W.P.U.S. ( Weed People Underground Society), saw this as a serious threat, since weed people don't have heads, they were just burned if caught, making life very hard to deal with, so he had to think of something else.  He just decided to give the border patrol dude a dose of his own medicine, thats right...... WEED POISON. after that the remainder of the  poisoning was taken out of Scotland, and the man who invented it was murdered, making it another 200 years before weed poisoning reached Scotland again, and by that time, all the Weed Peoples had migrated to a safer location... Du mOOn...